Gürdal was born in Istanbul Turkey, but is a man of the world. He has been practicing photography for over 20 years, altering the limits of fine art. Since studying the craft in college  Gürdal travels nation to nation capturing unique images, such as astonishing African wildlife to the sharp shots of New York City Skyscrapers.  Gürdal brings you his passions and inspirations from his camera to your walls. 


Years after Graduating from college with a degree in visual communications and design,  Gürdal took the risk of venturing to New York city in 2011 to pursue his passion. In 2016 the aspiring fine art photographer went to the streets of New York City for his start.  Gürdal brought his first collection of images to Prince and Spring street of SOHO, New York.


His earlier works began with photos from his personal trips. The images taken throughout his travels have become some of  Gürdal’s signature works such as his collections from Africa, Cuba, and Scotland. With his defined passion for animals,  Gürdal was able to create a submersible collection that brings the unpredictable nature of the land to the comfort of civilization.

Now  Gürdal is focusing his energy towards his new pop up gallery in Southampton New York. Here he is looking to contribute to the art community by attending events, and presenting a new storefront to the area. To see what events  Gürdal will be attending please visit the What’s New Tab.