Gürdal Bibo is an award-winning fine art photographer based in New York City. Born in Turkey, Bibo first picked up a camera as a small child, but it wasn’t until he went on to study visual communication and design that he realized this curiosity would go on to unlock a talent for photography and a passion for travel which would send him across continents for his craft.


After graduating from Istanbul Bilgi University in 2006, Bibo completed his military service before moving to East London where he lived for several years. On a trip to Scotland during this time, his quest to get the perfect shot of a highland cow led to him to unearth a unique talent and passion for wildlife photography. His singular, intimate and carefully style developed through a combination of patience, perseverance, and sheer serendipity. “Every time I went anywhere, something would happen,” he smiles, acknowledging that his unique images are often the result of adventure and exploration as much as they are of a keen eye and being in the right place at the right time.


Bibo moved to New York in 2011, where his passion for capturing life in the jungle moved into capturing life in the concrete jungle – a far cry from the plains of the Serengeti but no less visually arresting for it. From big cats, giraffe, elephants and the one of the world’s most famous gorillas, Bibo moved on to framing some of New York’s most iconic landmarks, presenting the city and its famed buildings in a way that is as unexpected as it is captivating.


From starting out selling prints on the streets of Manhattan, Bibo moved into a gallery at 424 West Broadway in Soho, where he now exhibits some of his favorite works including arresting portraits of lions alongside disarming images of their cubs, as well as joyfully colorful images of Cuba, LA, and Manhattan.


In over 20 years of professional photography, Bibo has also aided the conservation of his favorite subjects: sales of his portrait of an infant elephant at a reserve in Kenya go directly towards saving the lives of other elephants in the sanctuary’s care.


What ultimately propels Bibo to continue his pursuit of photography, however, is the opportunity to continue to travel and capture moments in our incredible world which few would ever otherwise get to see.